20 Apr


Nigerian dinner ideas include hundreds of Nigerian meals that could be served as night foods in Nigeria. I will be listing the top 10 Nigerian dishes for dinner.

There is really no basis for categorizing food as breakfast, lunch or dinner in Nigeria. This list is completely based on popular opinion, as different people accept different meals for the night.

The average Nigerian eats eba and soup as the last meal of the day. This is because eba and soup are considered generally easy to make and always comparatively cheap.

Most Nigerian homes stock soups in freezers. Bowls and bowls of different soups waiting for their turn at the dining table.

Once in a while, the soups are left in the freezers while other meals like jollof rice, porridge yam or beans porridge are served alternatively.

In the next few minutes, I will make a list of Nigerian dinner ideas that would suit any Nigerian home.


1.Fufu and Egusi Soup

When fufu is combined with egusi soup, it serves as dinner to millions of Nigerians. Egusi soup is the most popular soup in Nigeria and unarguably loved by every Nigerian.

2. Jollof Rice

Several recipes for jollof rice exist across different Nigerian ethnic groups. jollof rice is one of the perfect Nigerian dinner ideas.

We serve jollof rice as dinner, lunch or even breakfast in Nigeria. it is also the most popular food in Nigeria. You can serve with vegetable salads, beef or chicken.

3. White Rice and Sauce or Stew.

This is boiled white rice that is served with vegetable sauce. Alternatively, you could serve white rice with Banga stew or tomato stew.

4. Porridge Yam.

Porridge yam is dinner to millions of Nigerians. You could add vegetables if you like.

We make porridge yam and serve as night food in Nigeria all the time.

5. Porridge Beans.

Either we call it beans or black-eyed peas, it is the same thing. Lots of Nigerians prepare beans and ripe plantain porridge and serve as dinner in their homes. You could also fry the plantain separately if you like.

6. Tea And Bread

While most people eat bread and tea as breakfast in Nigeria, there are millions of Nigeria that consider it a light dinner idea.

If you are interested in light Nigerian dinner ideas, a combination of tea and bread or porridge beans and pap would suffix.

7. Moi-moi

Moi moi is served as dinner in many Nigerian homes when it is combined with pap (akamu) or custard.

8. Fried Rice.

Fried rice is a very popular food in Nigeria and many Nigerian homes would want a plate of fried rice and chicken for dinner, the only problem being ease of preparation.


9. Plantain Porridge

Lots of Nigerians prepare plantain differently. While we could fry them after they get ripe, We could also make porridge plantain or bake them.

10. Semovita/Eba With Okra Soup

This food is indigenous to the Igbos as a lot of families eat soup for dinner. This dinner is known to be one of the best traditional national meals for dinner; and it needs okra, spices, vegetable and fish or meat. Serving Okra soup with Semovita /Eba/ Fufu makes it an ideal dinner in Nigeria.

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