21 Apr

No Jollof? Keep Calm

Sallah is here again!. I have seen rams bleating aloud in the compound of my Muslim fellows.

Sallah is one of the top events or celebration in Nigeria and it has one food as its top menu.

Jollof rice! Yes jollof rice! It is one of the most popular food eaten by Nigerians during celebrations.

Here is a list of mouth watering dishes that can be used instead of jollof rice.

1) Pounded yam:

Pounded yam is one of the most delicious Nigeria meals. It is delicious especially when coupled with Egusi soup and saki.


Amala is a swallow that originated from Oyo part of Nigeria. It is delicious when coupled with Gbegiri and Ewedu

3)Ofada rice (unpolished rice) :

It is a mouth watering meal that goes well with a special sauce made with palm oil.

4)White rice and stew:

This is a good replacement for Jollof rice as it could be combined with vegetables like carrot, cabbage and so on

5)Pepper Soup :Either fish, offal or meat

Enjoy your Jollof rice replacements. Happy Sallah celebration.

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