02 May

Best Nigerian Delicacy for weight loss

Nigeria is a West African country made up of a large number of ethnic groups. These diverse ethnicities each have mouth-watering, lip-smacking dishes that are irresistible and would leave you begging for more.

From the mind-blowing scrumptiousness of our soups to the tongue-biting dishes like Jollof rice and moimoi, Nigeria has arguably, one of the best cuisines in the world.

low carb (or keto diet) is a low carb, high fat, and medium protein diet that allows you to lose weight effortlessly and also comes with a host of other benefits such as:

The Nigerian jollof rice is a top-rated West African meal. In Nigeria, especially, jollof rice is one popular meal necessary at most parties and in homes. This dish can be prepared in various ways, but it almost always has the same unique taste.

Cauliflower rice can be used as a low-carb alternative and prepared the same way, it would taste very similar to the original jollof rice. Cook cauliflower rice in a blend of tomatoes, peppers, broth, olive oil, and traditional spices, and you won’t have to worry about missing jollof rice again.

Peppered Goat Meat – Peppered goat meat, or Asun, is another delicious meal that can help with weight loss. Goat meat has zero carbs and is a healthier alternative to beef or pork.

Enjoy this peppered goat meat as a standalone meal, or paired with keto coleslawcauliflower rice, or any other low-carb dish.

Nigerian Egg Stew – This is a quick and easy meal that takes just 20 minutes from start to finish. It is so simple to prepare, and anyone can do it! Enjoy this egg stew as breakfast or lunch, with low-carb bread or keto rice.

Baked Whole Catfish – Lovers of fish are not left out. As we know, catfish is a nutrient-dense protein that aids weight loss. This easy-baked recipe brings in all the deliciousness to your weight loss journey.

It is garnished both inside and out with a puree made from habanero and bell peppers, onions, ginger, garlic, salt, and spices. It is so finger-licking good!

Cabbage Fufu – One substitute for the starchy, high carbs meals on keto is cabbage fufu. Made primarily from green cabbage and psyllium husk, this meal on its own may taste bland. When eaten with delicious Nigerian soups, however, you wouldn’t even notice its taste. Enjoy cabbage fufu with tasty soups like Egusi Soup or Ogbono soup.

Peppered Gizzard – Many people balk at the idea of eating gizzard organ meat. But when boiled or fried and then cooked in a special sauce, it can make for a savory, tasty snack.

The gizzard is one of the most nutritious parts of a chicken. Rich in iron, minerals, and vitamins, the peppered gizzard is a popular street food in Nigeria.

Efo Riro (Spinach Stew) – This Nigerian spinach stew will change how you eat spinach if you don’t like them.

Made with a generous amount of spinach, proteins like beef, lamb, goat meat, chicken, smoked catfish, palm oil, broth, and spices, Efo Riro packs all the nutrition you need and much more.

The soup goes splendidly with plain cauliflower rice or low-carb fufu dishes like cauliflower fufu or coconut fufu.

Nigerian Peppered Snails – In Nigeria, snails are a tasty treat. Whether eaten by themselves or as proteins in various Nigerian soups, they are well-sought and enjoyed thoroughly.

This delectable snail dish is prepared by boiling or frying them and then lightly cooking the snails in a special spicy sauce.

Ofada Stew – Ofada stew, also known as Designer stew or Ayamase stew, tastes differently from other types of Nigerian stews.

That is because while most stews are made with olive oil, this stew is prepared with palm oil and iru (fermented locust beans) for that distinct African taste. Other rich, healthy ingredients include bell peppers, a variety of meats, and traditional spices.

Eggplant Stew – For a low-carb alternative, eggplant can be made into a delicious stew. You can boil, mash, drain and cook the eggplants with blended tomatoes, peppers, and spices in olive oil, with chicken or any protein of choice.

It makes for a filling, fantastic stew that can be eaten with shirataki rice or low-carb noodles.

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