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Nigeria is home to some of the strangest but delicious food combinations.  History seems to have forgotten about these food combinations,  making it hard to know where some of these combinations originate from.

One of this food is recognized as one of the tastiest food in the world. Before I go on, I have to warn you that you may see some really strange Nigerian food combinations.

 1. Amala, Gbegiri and Ewedu

Amala, gbegiri, and Ewedu are some of the Nigerian food combinations.  it is particularly known to the Yoruba’s that is south-West in particular. Research has made us know that 80% of the Yoruba prefer to eat Amala, gbegiri, and Ewedu on most occasions. The food is served at parties such as anniversaries, weddings, funerals, etc.

You need to taste the above-mentioned food combination.  You may prefer it to cooked rice. Some Yoruba people believe that if you have not made Amala, gbegiri, and ewedu available, you have not really organized a good party.

2. Banga soup and starch

The major ingredient of this soup is fruits from the oil palm tree.  Provides fat as well as flavor to this soup which originated from the Urhobos in Delta state, Nigeria. It also features fresh catfish, beef, and dried seafood.

It’s so popular that packets of ready-mixed banga spice are sold in shops. To make the preparation of this soup easy, for everyone irrespective of their location. Most blends include African nutmeg, castor seed, orima, Jansa, and beletete leaves.

The spices infuse a rich, red sauce that’s the soup’s main draw. Soak it up with a ball of starch. Starch is a Nigerian staple made from cassava prepared with different methods.

It is not just highly nutritious but equally tastes great, no wonder most recently CNN travels named Banga soup as one of the tastiest soups in the world. Similar (not exactly) food is found in other African countries such as Ghana and Cameroon.

3. Tuwo Shinkafa And Miyan taushe

This particular dish is eaten by people in the northern part of Nigeria. Tuwo shinkafa is made from rice pudding by mashing the rice with a wooden spoon. The soup miyan taushe goes well with Tuwo.

Miyan is made with different ingredients, such as assorted meat, fish, Peanut Butter, palm oil, onions, tomatoes, Dawa Dawa (locust beans), Scotch Bonnet (Ata Rodo), Yakuwa leaves (sorrel), Spinach, and Jan Tatasei (Red bell peppers). The food is nutritious and it is affordable.

4. Jollof and Fried Rice Combination.

Easy and delicious cooked Nigerian food combinations are classic dishes of Jollof rice and fried rice combination. Both are absolutely done on the cooker. It is perfect for regular days and on special occasions.

The food is very popular among Nigerians; there have been arguments about its origin. No matter the origin, Jollof rice, and fried rice are just nice food combinations you will always love to eat. The difference between the Jollof and fried rice is the preparation. So, for the food combination, you have to prepare it separately.

Jollof Rice is cooked in a flavorful tomato-based broth. While fried rice is cooked as the rice is fried with ingredients.

This delicious Jollof and fried rice dish can be served with any meat or non-meat recipes like chicken and beef, fried plantain, Cucumber Tomato Salad, and more.

5. Pounded Yam, Vegetable, and Melon Soup

Pounded Yam, Melon, and Vegetables Soup is another preferably Nigerian food combination. Popular in the South West in Nigeria. This is because it is tasty and its nutrients compositions, ranges from Carbohydrates, full of energy enrichment, vitamin, and vegetables. Yam is a tuber plant that is used to do Pounded Yam. Melon is also available all the seasons because it is able to be preserve.

Pounded Yam is made by peeling the raw tuber of yams and cooked on the fire with water until it softens. Then you put it inside Mortar and pound it with pestle till it’s succulent without any lump.  Now,  the energetic food is ready to be devoured.

Vegetables and Melon are gotten by the following ingredients; Pepper, Tomatoes and Onion, Red Palm Oil, Locust beans, Salt, Vegetables, Melon.

The making; you put your pot on fire let the water dried. Pour your satisfactory Red Palm Oil on the pot.  When it’s hot pour your rinsed locust beans on the hot red palm oil. Then the sliced onions, then the ground pepper, tomatoes, and onions.

You allow it to be cooked then you pour your ground Melon on it.  Turn it for about 4 minutes then pour your sliced vegetables put salt. After that, mixed it together for about 3 more minutes and the food is ready to be dished.

 6. Semo and Ogbono Soup

Semo is made from refined grounded wheat. The preparation involves adding and stirring semo flour with boiling water on the cooker. Ogbono soup is a slimy soup made from Ogbono seed as the main ingredient.

it is served with assorted meat, fish, and the likes. The food combination is very popular and eaten by Nigerians from all parts of the country.

7. Portage Plantain

Portage Plantain is made out of Plantain which is highly nutritious. It provides ions to the body by bursting the energy of its consumer. Plantain can be boiled and with egg and tomato sauce. This is the favorite and most delicious form of cooking portage plantain.


The above 7 delicious Nigerian food combinations are well enriching, accessible, and very affordable to Nigerians and visitors around the world.

Sadly the best of most of these combinations aren’t found in most of our top-class hotels and restaurants but in local food joints in Nigeria and outside the country.


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